Registration Process

Target Audience: “Looking for the Ripple Effect” is designed for staff with evaluation responsibilities in Service Provider Organizations in the Canadian settlement sector. However, Modules 1 to 5 are valuable for all participants interested in evaluation. Modules 6 to 10 are more specifically designed for staff, supervisors, managers, and directors who need to write reports and proposals. The modules and facilitation are available in English and French.

Eligibility: Staff from organizations with IRCC-funded I&O, Youth, Employment, and/or Conversation Circle programs can register. Registration is limited to four people per organization for the September and October intakes. Larger cohorts from the same organization are welcome to register for the January intakes.

First come, first served: Registrations will be accepted in the order that they are received.

Cohorts: Cohorts can be composed of participants from the same organization or from different organizations. Cohorts can work together on activities as they see fit, but will also have access to group discussions with all other registrants who started at the same time. Each member of a cohort must be registered separately.

Confirmation: You will receive an automated email acknowledging that your registration has been submitted.

Please note: If you have finished reading Modules 1 to 5 and would like to continue working through Modules 6 to 10 with activities and support, you can indicate that option when you choose your start dates.

If you have finished reading Modules 1 to 5 but are NOT looking for a Letter of Participation or a Certificate of Completion, you can instead register to access a reference version of the modules. This version does not include assignments or ongoing support. The reference version of the modules is currently only available in English.