Target Audience: “Looking for the Ripple Effect” is designed for staff with evaluation responsibilities in Service Provider Organizations in the Canadian settlement sector. The modules and facilitation are available in English and French.

The ten modules are divided into two learning packages. Each learning package takes between 12 and 15 hours to complete.  Modules 1 to 5 are valuable for all participants interested in evaluation. Modules 6 to 10 are more specifically designed for staff, supervisors, managers, and directors who need to create evaluation strategies or write reports and proposals.

Eligibility:  Staff from organizations with IRCC-funded I&O, Youth, Employment, and/or Conversation Circle programs can register. Organizations can register up to four participants. Larger organizations wishing to register more than four participants can be accommodated by special arrangement. This training is free to eligible participants.

First come, first served: Registration opens August 28, 2023. Registrations will be accepted in the order that they are received. You will receive an automated email acknowledging that your registration has been submitted.

Cohorts: Participants can work alone or as a small group from the same workplace. Each participant must be registered separately.

English cohorts will have a choice of either self-paced or supported, accelerated learning.

French cohorts will work with a supported, accelerated model of instruction

Self-paced participants will work independently as their schedule allows but have a facilitator available at all times to answer questions.

Participants who choose the supported, accelerated model of instruction will be required to attend an information session and three 2.5-hour live sessions spread out over the term (roughly one a month). These sessions are required in order to complete the training in the accelerated, twelve-week timeframe (excluding Christmas holidays). Participants can choose from one of two possible dates for each live session and will have ample time to complete readings and exercises between the required live sessions.

You will be able to choose from one of the following start dates.

Modules Start Date
Self-Paced Modules 1-5 (English) October 2, 2023
Self-Paced Modules 6-10 (English) October 2, 2023
Supported-Accelerated Modules 1-5 (English) October 2, 2023
Supported-Accelerated Modules 6-10 (French) September 11, 2023
Supported-Accelerated Modules 1-5 (French) November 2, 2023


Modules Start Date
Self-Paced Modules 1-5 (English) January 11, 2024
Self-Paced Modules 6-10 (English) January 11, 2024
Supported-Accelerated Modules 6-10 (English) January 11, 2024
Supported-Accelerated Modules 1-5 (French) January 11, 2024
Supported-Accelerated Modules 6-10 (French) February 19, 2024


Please note: If you registered in a previous year but were unable to finish reading the modules, you are welcome to register again.