Looking for the Ripple Effect

To tell their impact story more fully, Settlement Service Provider Organizations (SPOs) need to capture the rich, compelling evidence of the outcomes of their important work. Outputs are not enough. The longer-term changes that result from settlement support highlight the value of work done in the sector.

Learn about outcomes-based evaluation! By completing a series of flexible modules in this free professional development opportunity, SPOs will be able to build an evaluation strategy that helps them broaden their own organization’s definition of success and begin to report on the social and economic value that they bring to communities, society, and systems.

Looking for the Ripple Effect is a professional development resource for Settlement Service Providers Organizations in the Prairie and Northern Territories who offer IRCC-funded Employment, Youth and Conversation Circle programming.

Originally conceived as an in-person workshop, the resource now consists of ten core modules and five supplementary modules of online information about outcomes-based evaluation. The goal is to provide Settlement Service Provider Organizations with background, tools, and strategies to tell their impact story more fully.

Participants can access the online modules individually or as part of a cohort. Over the course of three months, they can work through the modules in sequence or select specific topics of interest. Along with written content, there will be recorded videos, downloadable templates, and live discussions.


  • Module 1: Expand the definition of “success” for programs and services
  • Module 2: Create a stakeholder map
  • Module 3: Create a Theory of Change chart
  • Module 4: Identify key Change Domains
  • Module 5: Brainstorm outcomes and indicators
  • Module 6: Choose the strongest outcomes and indicators
  • Module 7: Choose tools and timelines for collecting feedback
  • Module 8: Analyze and interpret data
  • Module 9: Report an impact argument
  • Module 10: Document an evaluation strategy

Access Dates are September 21, 2020 to March 31, 2021

Start Dates for Cohorts:

  • September 21
  • October 19
  • November 23
  • January 4

Module Development

Eupraxia Training is a small consulting group located in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Principal consultant, Margerit Roger, M.Ed., has worked with community-based organizations, post-secondaries, industry, labour, and provincial and federal government departments to develop and evaluate programs in and for the social purpose sector. She has spent the last six years using social impact analysis as a way of strategically describing an organization's “ripple-effect” on individuals, families, communities, and systems.

For more information, please email info@eupraxiatraining.com